Livezilla start chat without asking for name or any other information

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I am trying to implement Livezilla in one of my sites, and I would like it to launch as soon as someone hits the button. That is skipping the step where users need to fill in a form with their information. Does anyone know how to do so?

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developmentguruConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
If you post the form the user never gets to see it...

In a normal scenario your visitor would
1) Go to the main page
2) click on chat (linking them to the login page)
3) fill in the login information
4) Login information from the form is posted to the chat site
5) be redirected to chat.

In the way I mentioned clicking on the chat would skip step 3 by posting the information (without the user entering it).
When customer hits the button, do you want to launch the “Livezilla” chat ? or you need to load the enter user form ?
If you know 1) the form that is filled in for the user info 2) the user name and 3) the password, then you can post the form's information - bypassing the form.

I am unfamiliar with Livezilla so this is just an attempt to be helpful.
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degarayAuthor Commented:
I do not want to have my visitors bouncing when hitting the form page, therefor I would like them to get straight to the representative.
If you go to the login page you may be able to see the html for the submit button.  This would show you the site to post to.  You would also need to know if it is a post (most likely) or a get (so you can mimic it).  You would then need to know the field names so you can replicate them in the submission you create.

If you are unable to see the submit button definition then the form may be being posted in code.  In that case you would need to look through the javascript to see what it is doing.
degarayAuthor Commented:
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