Monitor Won't turn on

System is as follows:
Compaq SR550SF
160GB Sata Drive
3GB Ram
Windows XP Pro
System monitor won't turn on.

I have done the following!
Tested monitor on another system and works
remove all pci cards, modem, ethernet and unhook DVD Drive etc.
Tried a new power supply
Replaced ram on stick at a time.

System sounds like it boots up for a few seconds and that's it.  

Possibly the motherboard???

Thanks in advance,

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Motherboard is a possibility.  If you have another monitor try it anyway.  I had a weird problem where my usual monitor stopped working but if I disconnected it for about 5 mins and connected it back it was fine.  

Next thing I'd try is reset your bios to default by clearing your CMOS.  Follow the steps on this link:

and try either by reseating the battery or the jumper method.  If that doesn't help, try another video card unless this pc has onboard graphics that you use.
Could be the motherboard, could be the video card, or even the CPU.  Have you tried a different monitor to see if that works?  Have you tried another video card?

WrightNetDesignsAuthor Commented:
I have tried two monitors that work, I have also swamped out the video card and put one that works.

I will give the clearing cmos and resetting batter.

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You may also want to try (carefully) removing the CPU and re-seating it.  But only do this if the CPU has a quick-release on it, and if you have some thermal grease for re-seating the fan.  Come to think of it, you should first check to make sure the CPU fan is even working, because many motherboards will refuse to boot if the CPU fan fails.
Do you hear any Beep codes or are there lights flashing?

WrightNetDesignsAuthor Commented:
After resetting Battery and CMOS system booted up.

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