Need to find out which services are running as domain administrator account on all of our servers

We have a mix of windows 2003 and 2007 servers. They all belong to a domain. Does anyone know of a tool that I can use to find out which services on our servers are being run as that administrator account? I'd like to avoid having to touch each individual server if possible.
J CAsked:
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Mike KlineCommented:
There was a similar question this week that you may want to check out

***Full Disclosure**** Haven't tested the script myself.


You can get and run dumpsec:

From a command line you could do something like:

dumpsec /computer=COMPUTERNAME /rpt=services /saveas=csv

If you want to use an input file with computer names you would need a for loop such as:

for /f "delims=;" %%a in (c:\servers.txt) do c:\dumpsec.exe /computer=\\%%a /rpt=services /saveas=csv /outfile=c:\%%a.txt & copy /a c:\output.txt + c:\%%a.txt c:\output.txt & del c:\%%a.txt

Hope that helps.
Damwere Utilities is very powerful tools, it does tell you what services are running on which computers and under which user accounts. It does much more than this as well. I have always found it to be a great utility program.
J CAuthor Commented:
Would I have to look at each individual server or can it run a query against all of my server's and report which services are running as "administrator"
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