preparing for a early am flight on return

could you give me ideas how to prepare for a return international flight that leaves at 4:00am. Because of the activities of the evening that will go long into the night (that is the benefit of having this time of the flight).. but I am afraid it is not going to make it easy with the next layover coming in 1.5 hours and then 2 hours of stay in the airport and then board the next flight which will  last 12.5 hours (that will be a relief)..

other than getting enough rest the previous nights, any other thoughts/suggestions?
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Mez4343Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Remember all you can do on a plane is eat/drink/sleep anyway so it doesnt matter what time you leave. The layover sucks though. See if you can get into the red carpet lounge on the layover. Makes the time go faster and I believe you can purchase it seperately and bill the corporate card.

And relax, its only 15 hours duration or so.Try doing two 12 hour long flights in a row and when you finally land in the US only 300 miles from home, your 1 hour commuter flight is delayed for 4 hours due to weather. Remain calm, remain calm...

Thibault St john Cholmondeley-ffeatherstonehaugh the 2ndConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I can give you a don't. I tried it once and it definitely wasn't a good idea. We had an early flight and had a coach picking us up from the hotel at something like 4am so decided to stay up in the bar and get our sleep on the plane. It got to somewhere around 2 am and the bar was empty apart from us so we thought we'd get a couple of hours sleep. Set the alarm and rested. Never heard the alarm, but we heard the phone ring, it was reception telling us that our coach had been waiting about half an hour. We packed and left the hotel room, signed out of the hotel and were on the coach in 9 minutes from getting the phone call. Also waiting on the coach were some very tired looking people who glared at us a bit. The coach had about four further pickups before the airport and all the people were complaining about it being late after they had got up so early in the morning. All because of us.
What we should have done was gone to bed at a sensible time, probably arranged an alarm call from the reception, and certainly should have packed everything the night before. We still quote 9 minutes as the time it takes us to get ready, but thinking of all those people who we caused to wait still makes me feel guilty.
speed_54Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try to rest (or even nap) during the day before. I've gone for 30 hours without sleep, but with stimulants & lots and lots of  caffeine. Also enquire with your airline about being an assisated passenger
25112Author Commented:
good ideas.. thanks.
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