video error message

I download many video clips per day, but occasionally get the following error message:

Failed while writing output file. An invalid parameter was passed to the returning function.

I am using a Sony DCR-HC32 mini DV camera via firewire to a hard drive on my ASUS computer running Windows 7.  There is plenty of room on the hard drive.  I use Roxio software to download it which converts it to an AVI file on the hard drive.

The problem is intermitent, but when it starts, its tough to remedy.  Sometimes rebooting or multiple rebooting remedies the problem.
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i would start by checking the disk
-run the disk diag for your disk brand, best download UBCD to run it from :      

if that returns ok - run a chkdsk on it
and if that comes back ok - defragment it

this should clear up any disk problems
CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may be writing faster than your disk can handle it.  If you have other tasks writing or reading from the disk while you're trying to transfer files, it may not be able to keep up.  You can use a tool like DiskMon to track what is accessing your disk.

Check your firewire cable and firewire port as well by trying a different cable and a different port.
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