question in linear equation

I have a bar that the radius varies linearly from 10mm to its left end to 5mm at the right end,
The length of the bar is 150mm
I am trying to build the r(x) linear equation.

can i do

r(x) = ra + ( rb-ra) X/L  = 0.01 - 0.005 *  X/L

is this correct ?

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ozoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
then assuming that x is the same as X, your equation is correct.
what is r(x)? what is x?  what is X?  what is ra? what is rb?  Is L the length of the bar = 150mm
c_hocklandAuthor Commented:
r(x) is the radious equation of x
ra = the radious at the left side = 10mm
rb = radious at right side = 5 mm
L = lengh
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is r(x) the radius of the bar in meters at x mm from the left end?
c_hocklandAuthor Commented:
c_hocklandAuthor Commented:
thanks Ozo.
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