Corrupted Administrator Password Win 7 Pro

I have a corrupted win 7 Pro password that will not let me log in as the administrator. I can log into the computer with my my domain log in  but when I try to install new software from HP it asks me to log in as the administrator and I cannot. I tried CMD net user administrator/active: both with a yes and a no with restarts each time, but am not liturate enough in DOS to figure out how to reset and create an administrator account and password. I have the original win 7 Pro disc and got to do a repair then selected CMD but no sucess yet. Any help would be appreciated. alwayslrnin
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Alwayslrnin, if  you are trying to reset one or more admin passwords, I think that your best bet is to follow the strategy that FDomingos88 recommended in the very first reply.  Here are some instructions for that same suggestion that may be a bit more user-friendly:

Download the freeware ISO file from here:

Petter Nordahl-Hagen's Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

After you have burned that ISO to disc, boot up into the Linux environment and reset your password.  I have been using this utility to help people with their forgotten Windows passwords for over ten years, and unless the hard drive has actually been encrypted it has worked every time! Here is a comprehensive tutorial on how to utilize it:

There are two important steps within that tutorial that warrant extra attention:

- When you reach the User Edit Menu stage of the process it's best to select "1" to Clear (blank) user password.  You can always change the password to something more secure after you successfully log into Windows with the blank password.

- When you reach Step FOUR: Writing back changes, you will be queried with About to write file(s) back! Do it? [n].  If you inadvertently pressed Enter on this screen the changes won’t go into effect.  You need to specifically type "y" first for the updates to be written to the operating system.

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Did you enable the administrator account in Windows 7? You should not have.

Your first use of Windows 7 created the first account and that first account is a member of the admin group. You have this account. Is this the account for which the password is lost?

Did you (carefully) try the obvious:  You may have had CAPS lock on, or you may have had NUM lock on when creating the password. So your password hungry might have been type in as H4NGRY .

.... Thinkpads_User
alwayslrninAuthor Commented:
thinkpads, i did enable administartor account, but must have deleted it when i noticed it was misspelled. I then tried logging on to the mispelled "administrtor" account that was showing but I keep getting the message there is no account to confirm your login.When logged in to my domain, i tried adding a new administrator account, but was unsuccessful as that login also keeps asking for a domain name.
I tried the CMD and administrator option, but i'm not dos liturate. At the cprompt, I entered net user administrtaor/active:yes then enter, this is what i got;
NET  USER [password  : *] [options]] [DOMAIN]
Username {password : *}/ADD [options] [DOMAIN]
Username[/DELETE] [/DOMAIN]
Username [/TIMES: {times : ALL]]
Then I get c:\windows\system32>

Any of that make any sense to you or give me any options to change my logon?
Thanks for your time.
always lrnin
alwayslrninAuthor Commented:
Thanks to each of you for your guidance and the reference websites. Problem solved. Thanks alwayslrnin
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