Mac mail and Exchange 2010 mailbox move testing

Just wanted to run this by anyone out there.

In the process of moving from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010.  Two separate servers and will be decommissioning the 2007 machine when I am done.

Currently 2007 is still the live machine and Exchange 2010 is installed and working properly.  I have the certs installed and everything is running as expected.  Exchange 2010 is not live to the outside yet.  When going live I will just be moving the internal IP of the old server into the new one and leaving external DNS alone and I don't have to mess with the firewall.  Its a small environment.

I have done two test mailbox moves, mine and another user in the office and outlook immediately picked up the server switch, and other than OWA and the Phones.  Email runs fine.  The two of us have been using it this way for a couple of weeks now.

The problem in our testing occurs with MAC mail.  Both Snow Leopard and Lion.  It just can't read the mailbox move.  I either get a password error or a cert error.  I tell it to continue from from the cert, but it never passes.  It does read the new server as the one with the mailbox.

I have no doubt once I take Exchange 2010 live, that the MAC mail will work.  It will be the exact same settings other than the internal name of the server, but it would be nice to see it connect to the moved mailbox before then.

I am in the process of running a test with Outlook 2011 to see how it functions, but it crashed out and in the process of reloading it right now, before I can try.

Any thoughts if MAC Mail will just function slightly different with EWS?
There are zero issues with MAC MAIL on Exchange 2007, again just running a few tests with Exchange 2010 before going live.
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BusbarSolutions ArchitectCommented:
the issue that it looks that it does proxy connection since MAC mail uses web services, so it looks that you don't have URLs configured correctly to allow the proxy configuration, am I correct?!
jbmos2333Author Commented:
yeah that what it looks like.  With the new servers web services not live with the correct DNS and address then it won't connect.

This includes Mac Mail, Entourage and Outlook 2011.  Macs must utilize the web proxy slightly different than PC based Outlook since the PCs test out perfect.

So I may for kicks do the server IP swap for just a a few minutes to see if the macs start to work.  If so then I am ready for a phased mailbox move and live cut over.

OWA works fine on the new server using the internal addresses as well.
BusbarSolutions ArchitectCommented:
MAC uses only the web services, it doesn't utilize MAPI

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jbmos2333Author Commented:
Just verifying what I thought I already knew
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