How to reset Trend Micro Officescan Version 8.0 Password?

Hello Experts,

Can you advice if you know anyway that I can retrieve or reset the password of Trend Micro OfficeScan Version 8.0? The reason being is that the one who installed the software is no longer connected on the company where this anti-virus is installed and when we take over and try to uninstall the thing, we cannot proceed because it is password protected. Any tips on how to uninstall officescan with this regard?
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We had a similar question here last week and it was resolved by having the asker contact Trend (

As long as your company is the registered owner of the license, they will help you solve this.
MezzutOzilAuthor Commented:
thanks, I was able to successfully uninstall the client, however for the Trend Micro Officescan server, the article is not applicable of working. I still cannot uninstall the server.
MezzutOzilAuthor Commented:
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