How can I resolve an Event ID 5722 issue

I'm getting ready to migrate my windows 2000 (native) domain to a windows 2008 R2 domain. In preparation for the work that I have to do in my real life environment I've built a test environment. However, I'm recieving the following Event ID error once per day on the original DCs in the root domain, it is as follows: "Event ID 5722 - The session setup from computer CAM1000DC02 failed to authenticate. The name of the account referenced in the security databse is CAM1000DC2$. The following error occured: Access is denied." Please note I got this error message when CAM1000DC02 was a simple 2008 R2 member server and also now that it is a windows 2008 R2 DC too. How can I resolve this issue?
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cheyliger--What Source is named in the error message?
In the meantime look at these two references
cheyligerAuthor Commented:
I do appologize for taking to so long to get back to you. However, your recommended approach did resolve the issue.
cheyliger--You are welcome.
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