Is the TEMP data file mandatory in oracle? what problems that can happen if you dont have one.

I noticed one DB had a TEMP tablespace but there was no data file assigned or were deleted.

would this create issue or all SORTS and JOINS happenin the SGA.

What is the standard size or command for creating the TEMP file if i must do it.
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temp "can" be built on datafiles  (found in dba_data_files)

however, oracle recommendation (since 8i)  is to use "tempfiles"  (found in dba_temp_files)

you must have at least one TEMP tablespace, and that tablespace must have at least one datafile or at least one tempfile.

you can't mix datafiles and tempfiles.  Again, you "should" use tempfiles
- in certain condition such as sorting on million of records is too large for the memory to take. therefore Oracle need to use the disk which is the TEMP tablespace.
- if all TEMP tablespace is dropped, then the SYSTEM tablespace will be used as the default temporary tablespace.

- the following link should explain in further detail of what TEMP tablespace is used for and the command to create it:

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sam15Author Commented:
there is a TEMP tablespae but there is no temp data files assigned to it. it sounds to me someone deleted it or something is wrong.

But, if i am correct, if the DB has SYSTEM tablespace locally managed we *must* have a temp file and it wont use SYSTEM for temp operations and many problems will happen. right?
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 can't guarantee no problems with "real" temp but you definitely want to avoid using SYSTEM tablespace as your TEMP
sam15Author Commented:
so i should run this statement first
ALTER TABLESPACE temp ADD TEMPFILE '/oradata/temp03.dbf' SIZE 100M;

do i need to bounce the instance or database or not?

no you can do that on a live system
sam15Author Commented:
Excellent answers.
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