Fieldset width in html


I am using the 8 table columns and i am hiding the 3 columns, now here i want to display the

field set for only the 5 columns which i am showing to the user , but if i am using the field set it is displaying the border for all the eight columns , so, its widht is so long, then i tried to change the widht of field set , but still it is displaying in the same way
 <fieldset class="fieldsetpadding" style ="widht=50%">    
            <legend class="Button8ptText">
                <%= TreatyMappingMessages.ReserveMappingDisplay %></legend>
            <br />
            <table id="tblUpdatePreviousYearClosingBalance"  class="tblData" width="50%" border="2">    
<td >
                    <%= TreatyMappingMessages.TreatyMappingBamAccUnit%>
  <td style="display:none" >
                    <%: item.SectionNumber%>

can you please suggest how to go ahead.
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thanks, it will help me helping you
please post the generated html and all the relevant resources (css+images)
for this you can do save as...
praveen1981Author Commented:
Its very huge where i can not get it and from my development environment

I will try to provide an alternate solution
praveen1981Author Commented:
As of now it won't required any scrolling.
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