Itunes error locating file

I have a client that had a hard drive failure and Itunes has been moved to the new hard drive and now some files are not able to load and play.  An exclaimation mark appears next the trouble file.  How does Itunes re-index itself to fix the database location for removal of the trouble files? Itunes error
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xemaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Easiest way, DELETE the actual library, move all the music to one folder, it doesn't matter wich. inside iTunes from the Edit menu, add folder, select the folder you just created.
As for the itunes folders. inside itunes go to Preferences/Advanced.  you'll be able to se the path that that installation of itunes is using so you can DELETE the other folders.  BE CAREFUL you should have moved the music BEFORE deleting the folders.
CONSOLIDATING means that iTunes will move all of the files inside the playlists to folders below the itunes folder
I belive that the itunes is not able to find the media. you will have to change the media location in Itunes.

To Do this follow the steps .
Open Itunes - Edit - Preferences - Advnaced (Tab)- Selesct Change .

Browse to the new hard folder where all the media is stored.
After select close.

Once done try to play the music again, if the media is available in that Hard disk it will play without any problem.

Hope this solution solves your proble.

shadowmantxAuthor Commented:
I will that a try.
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shadowmantxAuthor Commented:
I will give that a try.
Any results?
shadowmantxAuthor Commented:
I will check it this weekend when client gets back.

shadowmantxAuthor Commented:
Setting is already set to the point to the correct folder.

How does the Consolidate Library feature work?  Does ITunes seek every media and index it?  

There are at least 5 copies of ITunes folder in different spots on this hard drive.
I read about consolidating library but I do not want to have 5 copies of the same music.  I need to clean out the duplicate folders the other IT guys made to get rid of the duplicate items, correct?
shadowmantxAuthor Commented:
Worked thanks.
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