Removing a Driver from the Win7 Driver Repository


I have a Windows 7 system with a PCIe hardware card installed.  Somehow, a bad driver for this card got installed on the system.  Now, we find that driver in the Windows 7 Driver Repository.  We install the correct driver and the device works, but *sometimes* it returns an error 31 on the device when we boot.  When we look at the driver that the system is trying to load, we can tell by the modified date of the file that it is the bad driver.

We don't know what circumstances cause the system to revert to this driver, but we need to get it out of the equation.  We can't delete the file or replace it with the good driver due to system permissions, even when we boot off an XP system and treat the disk as a data disk.

What is the correct procedure for resolving this type of problem?  Thanks
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See if the driver is listed.....

pnputil -e

Then you can try and remove it.....
Look this or you can try GhostBuster.
boot from a live knoppix cd to delete it - no permission issues then :     
markdolarAuthor Commented:
We were able to remove the driver inf file using this technique, however it did not resolve the issue.  Thje driver did remove successfully.
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