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I have a carefully formatted Excel document consisting of multiple worksheets, each 1-3 pages in length. I am trying to export the entire excel document into MS Word so that the formatting is the same and some values can be edited without me losing the formulas in those cells in Excel.

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ScriptAddictConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To be a little more specific,

You will select one page at a time... and then copy in Excel.

Then go to word if you right click you will see a list of possible import formats.  

My personal favorite is link and use destination formating.  

However if you want to move the actual Excel worksheet in you have to use the word insert table excel first to create an Excel Table in Word.  Then just copy and paste the sheets from Excel directly into Word.  This will retain any formulas or anything else since it is an embedded Excel worksheet.

Hope that helps!

I think you will need a VBA solution to this, unless you can get what you want by using simple copy and paste.  That often gives reasonable results, but it's never going to give you precise formatting.

If you can post the Excel spreadsheet, that will give us something to work on.
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