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In PowerPoint (2010), is there some way to auto-align an object or picture so that it is directly in the middle of the slide?

For example, I have several images (pictures) which need to be placed in ppt slides.  Each image is the single item in its respective slide.  After clicking Insert > Picture, the image always fills up the entire slide.  Therefore, I use the Format Picture box to reduce the size of the picture down to about where it will have a 1/2 inch blank border on each side (all the way around).

However, because objects and pictures, when reduced in size, maintain the original upper left corner position, there ends up being a 1 inch blank border at the bottom and on the right but no border on the top and on the left.  Therefore, I am required to manually move the picture into the middle of the slide, guesstimating when it is centered.  I'm wondering if there is an automatic way to do this last step.

I did find a QAT command which says, "Align to Slide."  However, that option is already selected and I cannot unselect it to even know what it does.

Any suggestions or help is much appreciated.

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nwgservicesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok. Installed the language pack.

Start with inster--> picture

Picture is fullscreen :

Now change the size, picture is alligned to top left :

Now use the Arrange -->Align --> "Align Center" and "Align Middle" options

Result should be :

Hope this is what you needed.

Kind regards,

Hey Steve Brady.

This is done with the "Align" button.
Let me install and download the English language pack for Office so i can make some screenshots for you.
Will be right back.
Steve_BradyAuthor Commented:
That is exactly what I needed.  Thanks!

PS  Kudos re your reply:  clear concise instructions and extremely helpful screenshots.  Please feel free to post on my threads anytime!
Steve_BradyAuthor Commented:
Great response!
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