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Dear Experts:

installed and configured suse enterprise linux server as ldap server also configured samba with ldap as backend but the configuration is done through the YAST (GUI) does it still require to add the samba users manually by executing smbpasswd -a <username> for root and other users. please suggest
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Hi D,

If your LDAP backend is setup properly, then no you do not also need to add the user via smbpasswd.  Have you tried connecting as a user that does not have an smbpasswd entry?

How is your DNS/DHCP setup working out?
D_wathiAuthor Commented:
Hi sir, thanks for the reply, dns is working perfectly. dns is configured on ubuntu box.
After configuring the ldap server and configuring it as primary source of authentication.
Then configured samba pdc using YAST and Samba server, and also enabled " Manage samba group parameters"
finally did the unix to windows group mappings by executing net groupmap add , for ntadmins and domain admins

After all the above when trying to add windows xp professional system to join to the domain but unable to join root user not found and when tried with users who are in ntadmin group gets message access denied.

I have followed below link:

Please suggest how to resolve so that i will be able to join windows xp professional systems. Thanks.
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