Hi all

I would like to clone a harddisk which has many programes and the user does not have the cd's to some of them.
he would like a exact copy of his harddisk. Is it possible to do without reinstalling his applications.

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Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
Clarify just what you want to do here ...

==>  If you simply want an exact copy of the hard drive to run on the SAME computer, it's no problem.    Any good imaging utility will do this.   Here are a few popular -- there are many others;

==>  If you want a "clone" that will run on another PC, it's a different story.    Depending on the OS involved (XP, Vista, '7) this could be a fairly simple process ('7) or may require a repair install that will eliminate the currently installed applications (XP & Vista).     And even with '7, there are activation issues that may/may not prove to be challenging.

The best approach if the goal is a disk for a different PC that has all of the same programs as on the current PC, but without the installation media, is to "move" the current applications to the new PC using PC Mover Pro.    You simply install it on both systems;  connect via a network (or you can use an external disk as the "transport media");  and then move the applications to the new PC.    PC Mover can also move across OS's (i.e. from XP to '7).
Norton Ghost will do this, however, if you change hardware you could end up having all sorts of issues...
Bijesh SCommented:
You can use system image recovery if you are running windows 7 . It can be hardware independend in some cases.
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davy999Author Commented:
Hi all

I want to copy everything from an xp pc to a win 7

Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
That's FAR from "cloning"  ==>  since you don't have the installation media for the programs you want to move to the '7 PC, your best choice is to use PC Mover Professional, as I noted above.

It means you are looking for a software to copy your data and programs from XP to Windows 7
Then the software your need is PC Mover from Laplink

It will copy all the data including software and configurations from XP to Windows 7

Warning: Not all Windows XP software are compatible with Windows 7.
When you clone you do that for the whole system, OS and all. You can't do that to another OS. Also, if the PC is a standard PC that was bought at a shop and had XP installed already, then most likely it is using an OEM version of XP. Such OEM versions can't be used on any other PC, it has to stay with the PC you bought it with (and particularly the mainboard).

As for cloning Software I'd use CloneZilla too, as has been mentioned above already, but I'd use the PartedMagic LiveCD where it is included too, but this CD has more useful tools included than just CloneZilla... You get "more Value for the Buck", even if it is free;):

If you want to change the OS from XP to Windows 7, and keep the apps installed, you'd have to use an upgrade to Vista first, and once you have upgraded, you'd need a further upgrade to Windows 7, as a direct upgrade from XP to Windows 7 would require a clean install.

The tool below allows you to move applications from one PC to another, but I have no idea about how reliable it is:

Something I'd also suggest on using in the future, is go for "PortableApps". This is a tool that allows you to install it outside the normal "Programs" folder of Windows, and it comes with many free applications. You can put those on a USB stick for example and so you can move them from PC to PC easily, you can also start them directly from the stick, and a lot of those free apps that you can use with it are probably more than adequate to replace commercial apps that the user had installed on his PC previously, so you could cut your losses with that for free:
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