Coexistent exchange 2003 and 2010, new users do not work

hey guys

i have a scenario in which exchange 2003 and exchange 2010 are working coexistent until migration is done. when i now create a new user with mailbox on exchane 2003, the user will not show in adressbook and won't working right. interesting is, that every new created user doesn't have an x400 property in the mailtab.
what is the right way to create working new users in this scenario?

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ASInfotrackAuthor Commented:
hi gaurav05,

i think this is just for external use via web access, right?
my problem is, that all existing users are listed in the outlook adressbook (when using exchange from lan)
except the new created users.
probably your link will fix that as well, but i want to be sure before i'll make changes ;)
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