Multihomed Server generating static DNS entries - Server 2008

Hi there,

I have a multihomed server 2008 Virtual machine with one virtual NIC.
The NIC has 3 IP addresses assigned to it 1 being the servers primary IP address and the other 2 IPs for local intranet sites using IIS.
The additional IP's has only been added to the advanced settings in the NICs configuration under network settings. DNS registration has been disabled on the server as well.

For the primary IP address I have added a static A rcord to resolve the machines hostname, also 2x A records have been created for the DNS names of the IIS sites.
They are also static. (Not the machine name)
(Thus I have the server hostname as 1x static IP address)

The issue is that everyday at the same time roughly 2pm  2x additional static IPs are created with the hostname. I have never seen this type of behaviour in DNS and the above solution works fine on a server 2003 box.

So basically, I manually add 1x static IP for the primary address say
and I do not want the static entries for the other 2x IPs and to appear.

I have been auditing DNS and it seems that the DNS machineName$ on the local system account is creating these entries. Is there any way to dissallow the static creation of the seconday and third IP address within DNS for this server? Or would we need to seperate out the NICs and have 3 NICs?

This is a bizare situation as the Server 2003 box also only has 1 NIC and 3 Ip addresses assigned to the NIC, yet only 1x (Primary address) is registered in DNS, the others arent which is how we want it.
We would like to have the same set up on the 2008 server, however all 3 IP's are automatically registered as "Static" all three with the machines hostname. So we have entries that look like this:

Mymachine1: = static
MyMachine1: = static (This gets created automatically???)
MyMachine1: = static(This gets created automatically???)

Even if we manually delete the A records for the 2 records we do not want, they are re-created everyday automatically by the DNS server at 2pm.

Any advise would be of great help.
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Krzysztof PytkoConnect With a Mentor Senior Active Directory EngineerCommented:
Yes, it is also possible for 2008 server too. But for that it's required to install a hotfix and the using command-line utuility netsh configure IP addresses. After that additional won't be registered in DNS zone.

If you don't want to do that then you need to plug 3 NICs and configure them separately.

Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
Yes, if don´t remove register this connection on DNS, Windows register all IP on DNS.

To avoid this, go to connection(s) that you don´t like to register on DNS, properties > select TCP/IP>properties> advanced> DNS tab, and remove check on "Register this connection´s addresses in DNS".
DavidAwcockAuthor Commented:
Hi Drashiel,

I have tried your solution and the IPs are still being registered.
I will give iSiek's post a try though as I think this is a Server 2008 Sp2 thing.
Everything works as it should on the server 2003 with your method.
Its just not on server 2008, so I will try the hotfix and confirm if this works.
Delete all of the DNS entries. Recreate the single static DNS record but do not check the box that allows the owner to update it.

BTW, this box is not multi-homed. Multi-homed refers to having NICs on two or more different subnets. You just have multiple IPs. :-)
DavidAwcockAuthor Commented:
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