Differences between various types of lan cables

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According to my previous question:
Recommended Lan Wiring for Business Buildings

Why there are so many types of lan cables? What’s the difference?
(for example between Cat5, Cat5e & Cat6)
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jakethecatukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the different types of cable relate to the speed the cable will support.

basically, a CAT 5 cable supports up to 100MB networks, CAT 5E cable supports up to 1GB networks, and CAT 6 cable supports up to 10GB networks.  All of this is of course dependent on your hardware and physical installation.

for general PC/printer uses, you would use with CAT5 or CAT5e as they are cheap and would do what you want.  for servers, you would as a minimum use CAT5e or if you want to ensure you are getting maximum performance, CAT 6.

A bit yawn inducing, but a couple of links explaining what's what.

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