Sync all folders on BES

I want to be able to sync all folders historic data on email to my blackberry handhelds using BES, I've found the option to redirect to the specific folders but the historic data isn't present.

Can this be done?
Daniel ForresterDirectorAsked:
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Easy as in less control or less flexible yes.  I'm not defending BES, trust me I've had my issue with it.

These should get you there faster than my typing.  We have ours at 30.
Emails beyond 30 days will not sync.  You can change how far back but there is a max.  There is also a setting for intial sync taking more than just current data if that is what you mean but it still has a backdate limit.  The potential of too much data having to be pushed prevents everything being synced.
Daniel ForresterDirectorAuthor Commented:
Can you point me in the right direction of this setting? I'd like to control it through the BES admin setup, this sort of thing makes me realise how easier Activesync for MS is.
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