google not indexing treeview control links

Most of website's pages are getting indexed except the links I have on the treeview control.

My website is
and the links on the treeview control are like below

I don't have these links on the sitemap.xml and wonder if adding these links on the sitemap would make any difference?

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in addition you can do in yourself in future times with following way:
// SEARCH FOLLOWING WORDS IN GOOGLE "you-page-name.aspx"

// FOR EXAMPLE FOR ASKING IS "chapter5.section2.aspx" INDEXED YOU SHOULD SEARCH FOLLOWING WORDS IN GOOGLE "chapter5.section2.aspx"

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Important note: don't remove "double quotation mark" from my examples, just replace your file names.
My experience has been that if you put a page in the sitemap the googlebots will visit the page.  How it gets index and categorize is content dependent.
Actually, I'm sure it which using sitemap.xml with google webmaster tools will help to google robot to crawling and indexing you website.
in addition add following code before </head> in your html code will help to following all links:

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note: google will index all of pages automatically. even you don't add them to sitemap.xml
just, if you add some disallow/restriction for google-bot it will stop indexing.

I repeat my answer again. using sitemap.xml and google webmaster tools just help to your website for faster indexing/crawling. and if you don't do this, google will index you website but may be it's occur slower than.

I checked you index files in google and pages which you said i your question, indexed yet.
you can check it from following link:

or search following words in google

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Tony McCreathTechnical SEO ConsultantCommented:
So @re-searcher has shown you that those pages are being indexed. Your problem is probably that Google is just not displaying them in the search results you expect.

My extra input:

XML Sitemaps don't tell Google to index a page, they just confirm to Google that they have indexed the right pages.

Robots directives like the suggested meta tag only have value when telling Google not to index a page. Google by default assumes it can talk all the content it wants.
# mmalik15
do you have any more questions?
mmalik15Author Commented:
Many thanks
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