Can I transfer the Transaction Logs from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010

We just migrated from Server 2003/Exchange 2003 to Server 2008 R2/Exchange 2010

We had to start with a Fresh Server 2008 R2/Exchange 2010 install due to errors in our old config.

So we pulled down the .pst files for each user and imported them into the new user accounts within Exchange 2010.

THE QUESTION:  Are there transaction logs from the old Exchange Server 2003 that I can import into the Exchange 2010?

THE PROBLEM:  Internal emails that were sent to other internal users before the Server change out are unable to be "replied" to.  An error comes back essentially telling me that the mailbox is not there. I'm assuming that the header in the email is trying to go back to the old Exchange 2003 Server?

Thank you in advance for your time!

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jfletchsterIT ManagerCommented:
The error message you are having is a mixture of things but the transaction logs wont help. Even if they could be moved/upgraded (which they cant)
When exchange delivers email between internal users it doesnt use the email address it used the exchange mailbox location and recipent UID. So when you press reply it will try and deliver the email to the old recipent.
Also Outlook stores the internal email address in the Cache/auto fill Dropdown list/.n2k file in the same way so that will often cause an issue when a user trys to send an email to a regualar internal address by typing it instead of picking the user from the GAL.
I dont know of anywork around for this issue other than to instruct the user to reply and then manually change the recipent using the GAL list, it is a known issue we deal with every week with server upgrades. Its a pain for the user but only for a short while until they are nolonger replying to old emails.
jfletchsterIT ManagerCommented:
Of course the work around for clearing the drop down list in outlook is to delete the .nk2 file from the Outlook installation. Default locations for this are in Application Settings for Outlook.
But this will remove all email address in this list, which most users use as their only contact list, much to the dismay of Admins'
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