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32 bit print drivers on 64 bit Win2K8 R2 SP1

I have built up a new Win2K8 R2 SP1 server.
Installation of the 64 bit drivers for my printer shares works just fine, however I would like the server to also have the 32 bit drivers for my XP Pro Pc's that are on the network.
When I select additional drivers x86 it prompts for location of the print drivers.
I browse for them and select the correct 32 bit drivers.  I get an error saying selected printer driver not found.
The specified location does not contain the driver _____ for the requested processor architecture.
3 Solutions

Please check this and see if it helps.

If thats link is confusing to you try this one: http://www.wincert.net/tips/windows-server/2083-how-to-install-32-bit-or-x86-print-drivers-on-windows-server-64bit-or-x64.html
MS has a habit on there instructions of muddling things. They make it seem harder than it really is.
mcrosslandAuthor Commented:
OK, so clear on the part where I need to connect from an XP 32 bit client to install the drivers to the server.
That seemed easy enough.
I followed these instructions.
Access the x64 print server \\PrintserverName\Printers from a x86 Cllient.
Open the printer required to add the 32-bit driver.
Properties | Sharing Tab | Additional Drivers
Check the x86 for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003 checkboxes.
Click OK.

After doing this, I receive an error with no option to browse for drivers.
"Windows cannot locate a suitable print driver.  Contact your administrator for help locating and installing a suitable driver."
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James HaywoodCommented:
Do you have a Windows 7 box you can use the RSAT tools on? I've found this is the easiest way by far
mcrosslandAuthor Commented:
I do.  Would the windows 7 box need to preferrably be 32 bit?
I'm not sure I'm understanding the benefit of using RSAT tools.
Can you explain in a bit more detail please?
James HaywoodCommented:
Yes it would need to be 32bit. The reason I always use the RSAT tools for remote admin is that's how 2008 was designed. If you use the RSAT print manager you will get all the options available.

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