Exchange 2003 Free/Busy not working for some users

I know this is backwards from what most people do, but we have recently been acquired and our mailboxes were migrated from Exchange 2010 to 2003 using a third party consultant. This went fairly smooth but we have a few users who's free/busy information is not displaying properly. When I open their calendars from within my Outlook profile, I see some free busy data, but I see no details. The admin for these users sees the same thing. I am a domain admin and the admin has full rights to the mailboxes. We can each create new Outlook profiles for these users and see everything in their calendars. It also appears that their free/busy is not up to date when trying to schedule a meeting with them. Attached is a screen cap of what I see when I open one of the calendars alongside the calendar of another user in the same OU and Mailbox Store (Who's details I can see). If I try to click on one of the "busy" appointments, I get the error in the second screen cap. I have tried every solution I can find, including deleting the PR_FREEBUSY_ENTRYIDS with MFCMAPI, that doesn't involve deleting and recreating the entire mailbox. Would like to avoid this at all costs.

Lastly, one more odd ball thing. For one of the affected users (I have not checked this on the other), I cannot add successfully add a delegate. See the 2 screen caps. when I add the admin asst. as a delegate, it appears to be fine, but if I go back in to look at the permissions, it removes all access. I'm bringing this up because I am thinking the 2 issues have to be related.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance. Calendar View Appointment Error Message Delegate Add delegate permissions removed
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e_aravindConnect With a Mentor Commented:
so, from your administrator account, trying to access another users are seeing just the BUSY
(you are not seeing the organizer, title for these events correct?)

Can you check and see the behaviour @ OWA?
https://e2k3/exchange/ --> provide your credential and see what is the behaviour

Apart from your testing:
What is the issue with these affected users?
- Can you try running "Outlook /cleanfreebusy" from both the affected and your Outlook profiles?
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