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A printer was changed in our environment from an aging Zebra 105SE to a Zebra 105SL.  This printer prints several different types of labels.  Whenever the following label prints, the print width on the Zebra printer changes to 628.  This causes many of the other labels to then be cut off and not able to print the entire label.  I can manually change the print width back and it works fine up until this label is printed.  I am trying to find out if the issue is a problem with the windows driver or a problem with the label.  I have set the driver to print at a larger width but it doesn't seem to have any affect on this issue.  At this point I am assuming the issue is with the label and if so would like to know specifically what so that I can have our developers take a look.  Here is the formatting for the label:

^A0N,39,40^FO30,216^FDBatch:   ^FS
^A0N,39,40^FO30,286^FDExp Date:  ^FS

Jason ChlopekAsked:
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Jason ChlopekConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
nevemind, figured it out

^PW628 sets the width to 628
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