Move User NSF to New Location (Domino 8.5)


We are running out disk space on D: drives. I want to move some selected users's mailbox (NSF) to a E:\. Is it possible? How?

Thanks you.
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doninjaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First of all you can make a folder link to any directory path as long as it uses a unique name not already in use.

so if you have mail fiels currently in d:\lotus\domino\data\mail\  the folder name mail would be mail
You create a folder on e:\lotus\domino\data\mail2\  the folder name is hence mail2
in the main domino data folder create a text file called mail2.dir and have a single line with the path e:\lotus\domino\data\mail2\

Now when you select open database from client and select server you will see a folder called mail and mail2.

If you manually move users mail files from d: to e: folder you must also go into each users address book and update the mail file location.
A simple way round this is to use the Admin Application and use the option "Move to another server" even though it will be the same server you can specify a new folder for the mail file and any roaming files.

if you are low on space, ensure you have updated database to the latest ODS version 51 and enabled attachment compression, document compression and set DAOS. They will save considerable disk space on most systems.


Check this one. It may help you. But you need to disconnect the users from their mail box before moving
You might benefit from rethinking your strategy. According to best practices outlined in the Domino Wiki DAOS guide, you can gain significant advantages in Domino performance by implementing Transaction logging and DAOS, and putting that data on drives separate from the drive where Domino data resides.

Also in 8.5.3, you can put your full-text-indexes in another directory.

Implementing all three should provide you with ample space on your D: drive.

Although directory links are fully supported, the benefits of this alternative approach will be increased performance, and keeping all the databases in one location.

the Domino Wiki,
Building a high performance Domino Server
Full Text Index on separate Drive
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  Hi there Keng0499,,,

If the case is a free space case check please the size of the Log.nsf file huge and  if it is big you can put the system down move the log.nsf file to the (E:) drive then put the system up and a new one will be created .

Moreover,  the case with some other user's databases ... did you run ,,,,,,,

-load compact -B mail\(THE USERS DATABASES) to remove the white space if there is any .
- on the users side ,,, just can you educate the users to Archive there emails and delete the unwanted emails ... ...

Best Wishes
Too bad you went wwith the short term option instead of the long term option.
they can always do both, I suggested DAOS as well so maybe they will upgrad ODS and setup DAOS but will move files to folder in the short term until ready for long term solution.

Without comment can't assume...
Keng0499Author Commented:
Thx everyone. Yes - was looking for a quick short term solutions.
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