Server 2008 - 3TB showing at 746gb?

Had this issue with windows server 2003 so have just made up at 2008 server as i thought it would be viewable. But still the same issue?

I thought this would be supported by Server 2008? Am i stuck with pointless hard drives?
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SommerblinkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also need to know more about your hardware as well, including the motherboard and your controller card if applicable.

There are problems with older hardware seeing >2.2TB on a HDD without appropriate drivers or upgrades.

Please see for more information on the problem. Also, did you do a inplace upgrade of the OS or did you wipe and reload?
Need more details here such as the drive manufacturer and model.  When you right click on computer, select manage, and go to Disk management, does it show a 3tb drive as a 746gb drive or is it partitioned?
KenziiAuthor Commented:
I added as a additional hard drive so os is on a much smaller drive.

Ive checked and only that single partition on the drive and that's the full drive through disk management.
Can't get the exact model at the moment but I know it's a western digital drive.

Hardware is just a desktop pc speced for a server whilst I was testing. Is a hp about 18months-24months old.

Will check that comparability list when I can get actual model. Not in my office until tomorrow now.
Thanks for the replies
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nwtechdeskConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will probably need a gpt format to utilitze 3tb:
KenziiAuthor Commented:
OK i think the drives i have are only compatible with Windows 7. I tried making it a GPT and made no difference but when i connect via a usb bridge to windows 7 machine i am able to see all 3TB's.

Ideally i wanted it for a offsite backup server. which is fine i can use windows 7 to isntall the software etc.

Thanks for your help.
KenziiAuthor Commented:
Issue is with hard drive compatability. Windows 7 compatible only.
Do you have access to a Windows Server 2008 R2 license? 2008 R2 = Windows 7, in terms of many compatibility issues.
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