Need help configuring DNS on Server 2008 network

Hi - We have three servers: DC, RDS (term server), and Exchange, on a 30 user network. All are Server 2008 R2 Std. All are connected to the internet via a sonciwall tz210 firewall.

The servers were set up recently by a tech who is no longer around. We have intermittent issue where users lose connection to servers and to the internet. One user will lose it, then the next, then the next. A restart of the servers seems to fix the issue for a while.

My question is, how should DNS be configured on each of the three servers?

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louisreevesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
So you want to see :

1. Who is the DNS server?  There  should only be one in a small environment and not the router
2. Remove any forwarders from the 2008 DC admin tools->dns->rtclick server name->properties
3. make sure start->run->ncpa.cpl has itself listed as the DNS server and not in tcp/ip properties
4. make sure all client boxes have only one DNS server, even if you have to set the clients statically. do not include a second settign for the router
5. If all that checks out then you need to updae the NIC adaoper driver
6, Also check the Switch ot router as the binding problem could be the server or the router.

when this cionnection issue happens is there a problem accessing the server? if so then you may have a modem or swith problem. OR a dhcp registration problem. you can set static nics to wliminate this as a possibility.

Gary ColtharpSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
In a three server environment with only one DC, the DC would be the DNS server and none other. Setup forwarders to external DNS servers in the DC. Point the other two server and the DHCP scope to both WINS and DNS from the DC alone.
Set up dns on one and point it to itself. all clients should also be pointed to that machine. in my experience do not use an external dns! you also may have some kinda wiring issue if losing connection to everything.
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