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increase speed of file uploads

I am trying to upload about 190 mbs using file zella
It is slow taking more than two hours

Any help on what i can do to incease file upload, say a tool to purchase for that

Anthony Matovu
Anthony Matovu
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There are no tools, per se, which will speed up the file transfer.

The speed of the transfer is usually dictated by the slowest link in the network between you and the server. Is the remote server that you are uploading this to, not on your network?

If so, how fast is your connection to the internet? This is typically where the slowest link is. Also, what about where the remote server is at? Is this at a datacenter or at someone else's private network? What is the speed of their internet connection.
upload speed is based on your internet service provider

http://speedtest.net/ you can test it here
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Upload speed depends on your ISP bandwidth.  Typically, it's much less than your download speed.  About the only thing you MIGHT be able to do to improve it is to compress the data you're uploading first.
what all my fellow experts say is correct. but there is a free software  called cheat engine. from http://www.cheatengine.org

Install and run the program.
Click on process and choose your file zilla process that's running
On your right hand side choose enable speed hack.
input the value 0.5 and click apply.
Leave the cheat engine open while uploading or downloading.

Give me a feedback.


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