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Extracting Tiff Frames in Dynamics AX

So I have a project I need some help with.  I need extract frames from Tiff images, most of them in pairs (fronts and backs of bank checks), and then save them as fileNameA.jpg and fileNameB.jpg for referencing front and back.

My problem lies in I need to call this code from AX so the solution has to be a .NET class/library.  Does anyone have any pointers, or what class to investigate?  Thanks for the help, feel free to ask any questions you have!
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Bob LearnedCommented:
If you are working with multi-page TIFF files, then you need to look at the System.Drawing.Image class, and the FrameDimension (FrameDimensionsList) and SelectActiveFrame classes.

Here is an example:

TIFF Merge and Split Utility
public void ConvertToMultiPageTiff(List<string> fileNames, string outputFileName)
            ImageCodecInfo codecInfo = GetCodecInfo(TIFF_CODEC);
            EncoderParameters encoderParams = new EncoderParameters(2);
            encoderParams.Param[0] = new EncoderParameter(System.Drawing.Imaging.Encoder.SaveFlag, (long) EncoderValue.MultiFrame);
            encoderParams.Param[1] = new EncoderParameter(System.Drawing.Imaging.Encoder.Compression, ENCODING_SCHEME);
            Image image = Image.FromFile(fileNames[0]);
            if (!Directory.Exists(Path.GetDirectoryName(outputFileName)))
            image.Save(outputFileName, codecInfo, encoderParams);
            encoderParams.Param[0] = new EncoderParameter(System.Drawing.Imaging.Encoder.SaveFlag, (long)EncoderValue.FrameDimensionPage);
            FrameDimension frameDim = new FrameDimension(image.FrameDimensionsList[0]);
            for (int i = 1; i < image.GetFrameCount(frameDim); i++)
                image.SelectActiveFrame(frameDim, i);
                image.SaveAdd(image, encoderParams);
            Image[] images = new Image[fileNames.Count - 1];
            for (int i = 1; i < fileNames.Count; i++)
                images[i - 1] = Image.FromFile(fileNames[i]);
                frameDim = new FrameDimension(images[i - 1].FrameDimensionsList[0]);
                for (int j = 0; j < images[i - 1].GetFrameCount(frameDim); j++)
                    images[i - 1].SelectActiveFrame(frameDim, j);
                    image.SaveAdd(images[i - 1], encoderParams);

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