Scheduled Backup server 2008 SP2 to network location

I am trying to set up a scheduled backup in Windows Server 2008 SP2 but I keep getting an error during the step "Select destination disk".  The error reads:

"No disks are available for use a backup destination.  This can happen when all disks attached to the computer are hosting volumes that contain an operating system or application data.  Attach an empty disk to use as a backup destination."

I do not have any spare volumes available, that’s why I am trying to backing up to a network share. Annoyingly enough it works fine when using the "Backup Once" option. Is there any way to run the Backup Once feature as a scheduled task?
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Yes, You can use the command line version of Windows Backup with Scheduled Tasks to make a backup run on a Schedule.

If you Schedule a Windows Backup job - go through the wizard.  Then you will see in the Scheduled Tasks the command for it.  

Here is a page with some info on the syntax

The options vary some between 2008 and 2008R2

A quick and easier way to get the syntax is to make a Scheduled backup job (another server is OK).
Then go to the Task Scheduler and you will see the complete command in there.  You can copy and edit the command for use on another server.
Try using any of the known backup and imaging software
Using Acronis Backup and Recovery you can backup windows partitions or data in the running mode. Even it can create backup in other partition of the same harddisk.
Later you can transfer the backup files created to a secure location
Both options of Complete backup and incremental backups is available with scheduled tasks
WJPR_ITAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the response. There is 0 budget for this, it is a temporary fix while the client gets approval to put a proper backup & DR plan in place. Upgrading to 2008 R2 is also not an option as it is not supported by the software vendor the machine is purposed for [that was a fight, they still recommend 2003 :-( on a physical machine]. There must be a way of scripting a manual backup?
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