XP Pro Workgroup, slowdown with new NAS

Model:      WDA4NC40000N
ITEM:      WD Sharespace 4TB NAS 4-Bay GIVE-E RAID ext HD

GIGABIT Nics and Switch.

It was setup and mapped to each workgroup computer.  There is no server/domain.  Users were not setup on the NAS.  It's just a shared directory.  

They had to reboot the NAS to regain connectivity several weeks ago and apparently they've had to do it several times since.  It slows to a crawl and then stops.  Most of them turn off their computers at night.  

What other information do I need to troubleshoot this issue?

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nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
Many NAS have a plain operating system at it's core, linux, windows, something special .. and some application to serve out data.
Als many of those boot into a system with a ramdisk (for work).
Sometimes there is a bug in one of those applications that causes it to leak memory, or logging has been turned on filling the ramdisk.
Too many conections can have the same effect.
The lack of memory can cause the slowdown you see.
Check if there is new firmware for your NAS is available and read it's release notes for fixes regarding this, or check if the ramdisk fills up.

I have no knowledge about this NAS, but these are general guidelines to start searching.
BroadsoundAuthor Commented:
Great, Thanks for the info!  After doing some more reading this NAS is not up to par. Slow processor, bad code, the works.
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