exchange services not starting after a server restore sbs 2003

Hi guys,

I cant manually start any of the exchange services following an sbs 2003 full data restore?

Can anyone help?


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Gary ColtharpSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
Too many possibilities here....

I am assuming you had a catastrophic failure of some point. How did we get where we are? Did you reload from media? Was this a proprietary backup solution that promised to restore the entire system?

Gary ColtharpSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
What does the event log say? It should give you a reason.
What error you are getting when you try to start them..?
Check netlogon service is in started state or not.
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mk9Author Commented:
I am not near the server right now so i will check and update tomorrow morning uk time.

Thanks for your prompt response
You are welcome mk9
mk9Author Commented:
netlogon is running.

Microsoft exchange management is also running. all other exchange services are not starting.

I am also unable to run (they does not run at all) Server Manger and IE.

I have used devcon to remove some ghost network interfaces.

Also, some background:

Following a number of failed full data restores, we restored system state; then exchange folders  and Microsoft Small business server folder on the C: drive.

Do you know if there is anything inside the windows directory that we need to restore?

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

thank you

mk9Author Commented:
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mk9Author Commented:
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