Oracle physical Dba skills

What are the oracle physical Dba skills? I really appreciate your time and help in advance
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Aaron ShiloChief Database ArchitectCommented:

Read this :

a Physical DBA is usually requested to :

Implement Physical Database Design & Tuning Solns
Implement Data Management Policies & Procedures
Implement Data & Database Administration Strategy
Implement Physical Database Support
Perform Database Performance Tuning
Apply Knowledge of Data Migration
Apply Knowledge of High Availability Solutions
Apply Knowledge of Log/Backup/Recovery
Perform Database Creation or Build Oracle
Perform Database Backup & Recovery-Oracle
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
They deal mainly with the database and how it performs wiht the server it runs on.  Disk Space, Memory, CPU,  etc..

Some times even User creation and maintenance.

Less with application tables, indexes, etc...
Generally speaking across any database world there are different types of DBAs (, DB architect,  DB analyst, system dba,  application DBA, warehouse admin, performance analyst., DBA developer, etc..)

To even more categorize this in a broader way, we can say  they all fall either in physical catetory or logical catetory.   The logical DBA is in charge of  developing, design, debugging, etc..  ie the logical  stuff for the database.    The physical DBA the one who is  incharge of configuration, maintenance, physical design, etc.     But some DBAs perform both the activities..
Richard OlutolaConsultantCommented:
The Oracle DBA required/expected skill-set has grown over the years.
Perhaps years ago it used to be limited to the Oracle Server, however, experience has shown that the DBA is now expected to know more about the Database engine, the O/S it runs on, the Hardware it runs on in terms of resource usage, such as RAM, Disks and best Disk Array configuration depending on the functionality of the database ie whether OLTP or DDS.
the DBA now knows about the front end application and how this interacts with the back end database.

The Oracle DBA is even now expected to know about toher DBMS systems and many shops have a mixture of systems and they want to scripm on costs!!!

Don't be alarmed, try and be very good in what you know, no matter how limited your skill set and there will be some demamd for your particular skill set.

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