Exchange 2010 CAS Failover Problem

I am currently implenting Exchange 2010 with 2 CAS servers using WLNB. I believe everything is setup correctly as far as autodiscover goes. The internal DNS of is pointing to the VIP. The FQDN of the CAS array is so that part is different although they're point to the sam VIP.

The problem is when I do a reboot of one of the CAS servers. Basically whichever is active. I did get an authentication box the first time I noticed it, but when I disabled the NICs on CAS1 server, nothing happened, although I did see a Reconnect so it seemed goo. I re-enabled the NICs on CAS1 server and then disabled the NICs on CAS2 server. Outlok then disconnected entirely and wouldn't come back up. Meanwhile ping the VIP of the WLNB never lost a beat.

I haven't messed with the permissions or authentication on IIS, but I haven't started migrating users over yet so I'd be willing to change some of this stuff if anybody has suggestions.

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nnbitConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
There were soem issues with the NICs on one of the VMs. I deleted and added a pair of NICs and all is working as expected. Thanks for the help.
Praveen BalanSolution ArchitectCommented:
If your databases are created before the CAS Array implementation, please set the rpcclientaccessserver property to match with the new cas array URL.

Set-MailboxDatabase "DB Name" -RpcClientAccessServer ""

Verify it again with Get-MailboxDatabase "DB Name" |fl Rpc*

Praveen BalanSolution ArchitectCommented:
the below ms exchange team article gives quick steps about cas array configuration ..
nnbitAuthor Commented:
I created the array before even installing the MB role.
nnbitAuthor Commented:
The solution was found, but was not a common solution and wouldn't expect anyone to be able to point it to a NIC problem.
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