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Photo color on websites

When I look at  photos on my computer via Photoshop, Windows Live Photo Gallery, or Windows Photo Viewer, the color saturation is much higher than when I look at it on the same photos (using the same computer) on a photo hosting website.  Any way to keep the color the same between the photo's viewed in Internet Explorer and the other apps?  
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Are they jpeg? or giff or bmp?
Are they converted from your own format to another on the hosting site?
You could look into IE settings  go to tools internet options look down to the bottom
Appearance> COLOURS> use windows colours.
Do you see the same problem in different browsers? Maxthon, firefox google chrome?
I'm going to use Flickr
Take Flickr the photos remain pretty much the same colour
Here's an FAQ from Flickr that may assist you look down to>
Why do my image colors look different on Flickr than on my computer?
If you uploaded an image to Flickr and the colors look different than they did on your computer, it usually has to do with how the image was saved.
What exactly is happening?
All digital image files have something called a "color space" associated with them—a set of instructions telling programs how to display the colors in that image (how red should the red be, what blue is the blue, and so on).
If your images are saved with a color space that your web browser can't understand, then the photo will display with the "wrong" colors. (Safari being the exception, as it can handle any color space an image has.)
How can I fix it?
To make sure that your image's colors look the same on the internet as they do on your computer, you will need to save them using the sRGB color space. If you're not sure how to do that, try looking in your image editor's Help menu for instructions

There are color settings in Photoshop where you can desaturate the way photoshop views on your monitor.  Go to Edit>Color Settings and at the bottom you can check the box beside "Desaturate Monitor Colors by..." When I first installed Photoshop (I am taling about CS3) it had the monitor colors desaturated at 20% (which I needed to change, and seems as if you need to possibly change the settings too)

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