cannot access WI through Citrix Access Gateway

A little background-  Access Gateway / Citrix Presentation Server 4.5.6.  Windows 2003 x64.  5 Servers, Access Gateway is actual appliance, not software.

We run a published desktop environment.  I can access the desktop via the web interface from any computer on the network by going to  and it redirects to the logon page, once logged in i can open the desktop application.

From the Access gateway i logon to the main page, then choose my option for Web Interface Logon, after a few seconds it comes back with http 500 website cannot display the page.

i have pulled the following from the CAG log file: (10/25/11 15:42:42):L10:LOGSVRE:10689:65541:server:dnsd: :dns.c:479:SESSINFO:27::failed at gethostbyname [https:2]: TRY_AGAIN: A temporary error occurred on an authoritative name server.  Try again later. - (Host name lookup failure):

My dns servers are valid, i have listed the web server correctly (i believe) in the gateway portal tab under the user groups for the Access Policy Manager.  I'm not sure where the https:2 is pulling from.

I am lost...
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GreshAssocAuthor Commented:
issue resolved- 2 problems -  Access policy manager i had the path for the gateway portal dragging out all the way to the login.aspx page. as well as the server listed with the https://  changed it to the ip address:444  and the path to /citrix/accessplatform

Second issue was STA server on the web interface gateway settings.  i listed the STA as http:\\computer/scripts/ctxsta.dll instead of http://
GreshAssocAuthor Commented:
Do have valid certificate on web server as well.
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