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Hi There,

I have a client in that runs a lawn care business.  He would like to record hours on a device (such as an Android phone) onsite and have them transferred into some kind of invoicing program.  I have looked at a few Android apps, but I need one that will record which of his employees were also on the job.  The names do not need to appear on the invoice, but there must be some way to tell each week how many hours the employee logged.

Ideally, the app would track overall hours and then incorporate the individual hours into the total hours worked on a project.  This would be reflected on the app and do the math for each employee’s contribution.

I hope this post is clear enough.  The apps that link to a website sounds great, but I would have to be able to have a field for the employees, so it may require some customization or additional fields.

Thank you for any advice…  eric
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Hi -ewass-, I  just don't know but how about I offer you a list, you could browse them and see if they can help you take another step towards what you need.
Sometimes it just takes that nudge in the right direction.
Time Tracking Software Tools
timr closest to what I think you want
TimeClock - Android Time Tracking App
now the browsing
Comparison of time tracking software
Hopefully some may assist you others just for ideas
best wishes
-ewass-Author Commented:
My client has pushed the start of research date back to 7/11.  I would appreciate continued input, but I am not going to start analyzing methods until I get the green light.  Thank you all for your participation and patience…..  eric
-ewass-Author Commented:
Sorry, the correct date is 11-7.  A bit over a week from now.  I will start to comment more then...  eric
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Morning ewass-: it's the week end now so things will become quieter, if you require more assistance please use the request attention tab in your first question, the moderators will send a ping to designated experts . Giving you a much higher chance of getting a solution.
The will also repost your question to extra zones for more coverage.
Have a nice week end
-ewass-Author Commented:
There were good options presented here.  I ended up using a laptop, but these were good ideas…  eric
Thanks ewass,
Laptop is a good idea kind of like a separate server
Regards Merete
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