how to find OCX usage

Hi, I have to find the projects that use an OCX control. One way I could think of is to grep for which VC++ projects include the control's headerfile, say search for "reusecontrol.h" It is quite likely the controls that use the header are using the control itself, though it is not guranteed.

The other question that comes to my mind is, don't the OCX control have a unique GUIID that usually is written into the IDE managed resource script? Can I find the GUI from a project that I know uses the control, search for the GUIID in the other projects and thus determine the usage?

What other techniques could be employed to accurately determine the OCX control usage?

Environment: VC++, C#, Visual Studio 2008
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We're talking about finding usage in projects that you have source code for?  To cover most cases you could likely do some kind of grep looking for the CLSID (aka GUID) of the OCX, and then also the name of the control (e.g., COMCTL.ImageListCtrl).  Those would be the two common things that show up with usage.

And it's been awhile but I think the other answer is yes, select the control in VS and the properties show in the name.  You then search your registry under HKCR for that name and it will list a CLSID underneath it.
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