IPhones and Exchange can you create a global signature for e-mails sent from iPhine

We are running MS Server 2008 SBS w/exchange 2007.  Recently added iPhone 4S.  Is there a way to centrally manage the e-mail signature for all the iphone devices?
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Auric1983Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Sort of. You can setup a corporate signature format for all mail.  But there isn't an easy way to differentiate between Iphone & outlook mail.  

You have two options.

(Free) Using a hub transport rule - http://www.howto-outlook.com/howto/corporatesignatures.htm#exchange2007 this one has some limitations, in that when you REPLY to a message your new signature will appear at the very bottom of the email.

Option Two (Small cost) Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers, http://www.exclaimer.com/products/mail-disclaimers/default.aspx  this product works great, and is a big improvement over the hub transport method.

That said, both options work and do the job just a little differently...
jwstraughAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I will give the 2nd one a try
Ilya RubinshteynCommented:
Depending on what you need, you may use a hub transport rule to add a disclaimer such as "sent from mobile device". for actual ad-based signatures, you will need a third party tool.Please reference the article below.

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