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C++ behavior for 'while' using output from function

VS 2005, C++, WinXP SP2

I'd like the experts opinions on what the 'while' loop below does?  Does it takes the result from AtPollEvent and compare against NOT being -1 and assigns that to retvalue.  OR does it assign retvalue the result from AtPollEvent and then compares against NOT being -1?

AtPollEvent(connId, eventName, (EventType *)&eventValue);
   return (int)eventValue;

int retvalue = 0;

while ((retvalue = AtPollEvent(id, Aname, (EventType *) &lockvalue) != -1))

Thanks for your input.
5 Solutions
It runs this part
AtPollEvent(id, Aname, (EventType *) &lockvalue) != -1
If it is NOT -1 then comparison is true and while will continue.  retvalue gets the value returned by the function.
QlemoC++ DeveloperCommented:
If you look at e.g. http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/language/operator_precedence, you will see that the assignment operator = has lower precedence than comparison operators == and !=. So the comparison is executed first, and the result is assigned. Whether it is intentional or not depends on the intended logic.
Thats correct but I think its always best to put brackets around the assignment. Then its clear what happens

while (  (retvalue = AtPollEvent(id, Aname, (EventType *) &lockvalue))  != -1)

So the above, the assignment is executed first. The while loop keeps on going until the value is -1.

Ofcourse this means the assignment occurs on every iteration, but at least everyone can see whats going on clearly
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evilrixSenior Software Engineer (Avast)Commented:
Looking at this I suspect it's actually wrong. Why? Because it doesn't make much sense to have a pair of outer parenthesis. The current code looks like this...

while ((x = y != x))

I suspect (and it would make more sense) if it was written line this...

while((x = y) != x)

Note that retvalue is an int and not a bool. If AtPollEvent returns an int that would support the possibility this was just coded wrong. Unfortunately, because a bool will convert to an int (and vice versa) the compiler may very well not generate a warning for this.

Anyway, I'm not saying it is wrong just pointing out what's written there may not be what was intended (as Qlemo alluded :) )
to add to above:

a strong hint that it was wrong is that there are double parantheses both at begin and end.

also a bool expression never would convert to -1 so the condition is always true and the loop runs infinitely if there is no break or return inside

sorry, forget my second statement.

SLClearyAuthor Commented:
Thanks all.  Your comments helped to understand the issue ... and gives a way forward.

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