Recommendation - Online Backup Hosted in Canada

I would like to request advice on an online backup service such that the backups themselves are hosted in Canada, and are not subject to US law or are exported at any time. I have checked a lot of online reviews, and they are effectively useless.

I also plan to encrypt all of my data in advance (ie: AES256 + proprietary + additional independent keys), so even if the backup company screws up, I should still be fine. I also need to be able to upload 5GB files individually. Finally, I am looking for a service that allows me to manually handle the uploading to the server. I do not want, under any circumstances, a simple agent application that does the syncing for me. I would like to handle everything manually, even if it involves manually FTP'ing the files.

Thank you all in advance for your time and assistance!
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shahzoorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may try Sugarsync
This link will help you in reaching a solution

I can offer you to buy hosting space somewhere outside the US and use command line to ftp the encrypted files. just make sure the hosting have backup service.
jan-janssenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might want to take a look at 

We had a very similar issue recently and came to the conclusion that it does not matter where your data is located. As many hosting companies start to use off site facilities for backups you can not even be sure that a canadian company keeps their data in canada.

Therefore we took a different approach, we encrypt all our data on our Nas station and then sync it to the cloud. Certificates are generated everyday and act in combination with secondary monthly certificates so our data can only be accessed again with our certificates which again are stored on magnetic tape and brought to the bank in the evening and to a different bank for the monthly ones. So the client can be sure data can only be accessed by the system it comes from, or with the required details from the bank.  
dogbertiusAuthor Commented:
I will be encrypting heavily via TrueCrypt, so my key concern is just having a good cloud/storage solution. Looks like I can't trust the backup companies either. So, in order to have offsite backup, it looks like I must rely on myself to handle all encryption. Thank you!
dogbertiusAuthor Commented:
Also, for anyone that uses TrueCrypt, remember: ALWAYS backup your volume header!
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