How to configure ASA 8.3 for Ipad VPN

Hi there,

I've been trying to configure the Ipad to Vpn to the cisco ASA.  I have multiple VPNs already working on this ASA. I'm configuring this through ASDM. I keep getting phase 2 errors. Where do I check the config the wizard did? I've been checking Group policies and ipsec profiles. The Ipad keeps saying L2Tp-VPN server did not respond.

This is on the ASA:
tunnel-group IPAD_IPHONE type remote-access
tunnel-group IPAD_IPHONE general-attributes
 address-pool (Vianet) IPAD-IPHONE
 address-pool IPAD-IPHONE
 authentication-server-group RSA_Server
 authentication-server-group (Vianet) RSA_Server
 default-group-policy DefaultRAGroup_1
tunnel-group IPAD_IPHONE ipsec-attributes
 pre-shared-key *****
 peer-id-validate nocheck
tunnel-group IPAD_IPHONE ppp-attributes
 no authentication chap
 no authentication ms-chap-v1
 authentication ms-chap-v2

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samashcamConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The only way we got it going is with the Mobile license installed on the IPad. Works perfect now.

show your full ASA config.

oterwise configre the transform-set for esp-aes and try.
samashcamAuthor Commented:
the full asa config is pages long.. I will try changing the transform-set.  When I try through the wizard, it keeps telling me that it uses the DefaultRAGroup. Can I change that? I don't want this new vpn access to interrupt other vpns that are working.

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we can change the default group also..

 but for your problem try the transform set option first . hope you are using IPAD for  IPSEC vpn connectivity.
samashcamAuthor Commented:
I was trying to do it with L2TP so we can use the RSA keys. Is that not possible?
samashcamAuthor Commented:
This does not show how to configure with 8.3 code.

samashcamAuthor Commented:
Figured out the solution was the Mobile license and application that needed to get installed on the Ipad.
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