DRM removal from purchased movies

I have to movies purchased (one from Itunes, one from Amazon.com. I can only play them in the native players (itunes and unbox). How do I remove the DRM so I can play them where I please.


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Depending on the file format you can use UPNP services to play unsupported (drm protected) video files on almost all player devices including Tablets, PSP, PS3, Media Players (with UPNP support), Mobile devices (web interface) or ...

To establish UPNP server you can use this free utility:
good luck.
your "rights" are to watch the movie they way they want you to.
you dont own the movie - only the right to watch it. (this is also try of a DVD or video cassette)

I would expect there are apps out there that will convert your video format and in doing so strip the DRM - but in doing so you may as well have a pirate copy as you will have voided the license anyway.
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