What is the best backup software using Windows 7?

Dear EE experts,

We would like to ask for best backup software, FREE backup software that we can use, using Windows 7. Software that would backup the entire disk & save the image into other location or external disk...

Thank you & hope to hear soon...
Stiebel EltronAsked:
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I'd also suggest the built-in backup tool of Windows 7, Just whatever you do, don't shell out any cash for the symantec bloatware products, like ghost....

If you aren't happy for some reason with the built-in tool of Windows 7, and if you won't be using this for commercial use, then I suggest using Paragon's free backup utility, it is very good too:

My Expierence with free disk imaging is not good. I keep sticking to Ghost, and yes it can be run in an 64 bit inviroment.

Best backup software is acronics


Its not free software but one of the best software's.

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Select from this table most acceptable http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_backup_software

I think the best is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rsync
If you are looking for a solution to backup your system image at no additional cost, the capability is already built into Windows 7 and it works quite well.  If you prefer, you can save it to an external hard drive, etc.  Here are two good tutorials to show you how it's done:

Windows 7 - Create an Image Backup

How to Create a System Image in Windows 7
nobusbiljart fanCommented:
imo - there's no such thing as a "best backup software"
they all work - and all can have problems too
personally , i switched from Acronis to the free  Paragon Backup&Recovery and found it easy to use, and fast
the one that I have found that is free and very good is EaseUS todo backup
you can download it from here http://www.todo-backup.com/products/home/free-backup-software.htm
it does full backups to networks second hard drives also has a winpe backup that boots from cd for full recover you can mount the backup after as extra drives. it does differential/incramental backups partition and full drive backups. just about anything you want a backup to do and its Free for home  use.
also another thing I forgot to mention EaseUS todo backup can do is after making a full drive backup you can convert it to a virtual (MS virtual or Vmware virtual) drive with in its software
Stiebel EltronAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all experts, but we found the advise of rindi, the best solution for our requirement...
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