Backup taking 8 hours and processor running at 96% + Delayed Write Failed errors

I'm using a PowerEdge T105 Windows Server 2003 with 3 GB of RAM (1GB is being replaced as we speak.  So it will have 4GB) 2 GHz Duel Core AMD.
I'm running my backup using NT Backup via a USB cable to a brand new 1TB external drive.
I have just replace the internal drives which are running a mirrored RAID.

the backup is just over 359,345,321 but is taking over 8 hours to run.  I'm also getting a lot of Delayed write failed errors.  I'm thinking I should connect a new Ext HD to put the backup on.

Any help would be great.
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RizznutConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Ext HD were good.  New memory, new power supply and new backup software (Acronis) and its working properly.
Delayed write failed errors are usually hardware errors,
You are right try to connect a new ext Disk
Test the disk using the manufacturer's diagnostic utility. If you can remove the disk from the USB case connect it directly to a PC and run the test there. You'll find those diags on the UBCD:


Also, just as a side note, for a good backup you need several external disks which you rotate.
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Ehab SalemIT ManagerCommented:
Check the event viewer for disk write failues.
Try to transfer the data to the Harddrive using TeraCopy to check the writing and reading speed of the harddisk
Secondly you can use any of the well known Imaging software to create the backup
Like in Acronis Backup and Recovery you can define the scheduled backups and you can even define the transfer speed matching your requirements.
I would investigate the 90+ % CPU utilization, it's possible it's hitting that by doing software compression but it's also possible that the virus checker (if you have one) is hitting the B2D files aggressively. You can exclude that folder if it is.
RizznutAuthor Commented:
The box ended up having a faulty power supply which I think messed up my memory.
Got some new memory and a new power supply and install Acronis backup.
Going to test it out tomorrow and see how it runs.
RizznutAuthor Commented:
Ext HD were good.  New memory, new power supply and new backup software (Acronis) and its working properly.
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