Hyper V Cluster Page file and Virtual Memory file

I will configure a Hyper V Cluster with Cluster Shared Volumn
           3 Luns , 1 for QUM , 1 for OSs , 1 for Datas
2 Host
Is it better to Create another Lun for Page files only?
and Can I put the VM config file (Virtual Memory file like 49CADC01-D574-41F9-8A69-BD2BB9D732A9.bin)   to local Host?  , I thought will get better performance , but may the VM will not able to migrate between the Host?
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kevinhsiehConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are right that is you put the VM configuration on local storage so that the .bin file is not on the SAN, you can't cluster the VM. The .bin file is always in the same location as the VM configuration files.

I personally use a separate LUN for storing VM configuration files, but only because of replication and snapshot considerations with my SAN. I snapshot and replicate my VMs using my SAN. There is no point in snapshotting or replicating the pagefile of my VMs, nor the .bin memory files of my VMs. Hence, there are on a separate LUN that doesn't get replicated, and this saved me many gigabytes and hours of replication on a nightly basis.

If your SAN has different tiers of storage you could look at using a separate LUN that has different performance characteristics. Otherwise, there probably isn't much point unless you are also doing something like what I am doing with my SAN.

Best thing to do for your VMs is to give them enough RAM so they don't frequently use the swap file to begin with.
GordonLiqAuthor Commented:
otherwise the disk usage concert, is it performance concern to put the VM configure file on seperate LUN?

I have told to put the OS and Data VDisk in seperate LUN, then I will need 3 LUNs in case.
If each LUN has the same performance characteristics, then it won't matter much. If I have additional VHDs for data, I keep them with the main OS unless there is a special reason not to.
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