FTP file locking issues


We have several windows 2008 IIS7 web servers setup. They all use FTP 7.5 to allow multiple users access to their individual website folders.

This works in principle however we experience lots of file locking issues. For example:

User ftp's in to site, attempts to delete some old files to replace with new versions (e.g a new wordpress plugin for example), receives  file permissions error (varies slightly on ftp client, but invariable they are file locked / no permissions errors).

If an admin then browses to that file on the actual server in question they will be unable to delete the file as well. The file will eventually be deleted in time (unsure how long but certainly longer than 10 mins) or if we restart the ftp service, or the iis service.

We have tried turning off caching and indexing on the website folders with no resolution.

thanks for any help.
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Are these files that are in use? What type of files?
I don't know much about the wordpress plugin but I expect that this could be accessed a lot on a busy site.

Anyway if you want to know what which file is locking in a windows environment the tool you need to use is Process Monitor

It is a heavy debug tool you will need to filter a lot and only look at the relevant locked files.
Hi - any luck figuring this out?

We a very similar setup, running Win Server 2k8 / IIS 7 / FTP 7.5 (on an Amazon EC2 AWS instance).

Periodically ftp uploads will leave the file locked (unable to delete/rename/overwrite/etc). Eventually the file will be release by whatever has it open (could be 10-20-30 mins).

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